Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Get My Roof and Gutters Cleaned?
Throughout the year debris collects on your roof and in your gutters. Full gutters and clogged downspouts cause water to cascade off your roof, collecting near your foundation or front door. =(
This also allows moisture to sit on your roof for long periods of time, causing moss friendly conditions. Water damage related repairs cost considerably more than annual maintenance costs. We recommend cleaning your roof and gutters 1-2 times per year to ensure proper function. We use safe air and vacuum systems to clean your roof and gutters of debris. We will also clean up the mess that comes down off your roof.


What if I have clogs underground? 
We specialize in clearing clogged downspouts to the ground level. If you have clogs in underground drainage, we would be happy to help refer a company that specializes in this problem. 


What About Moss Treatments?
Moss is a constant problem in the Pacific Northwest, but it doesn't have to be your problem. We can treat moss on almost any surface, quickly, without causing a dangerous buildup of heavy metals. Heavy metals can be deadly to household pets, and very dangerous to children. The zinc strips and powders also contaminate ground water, which we all know is bad for marine life, our environment and us. 


Chimney Cleaning and Safety Inspections
A chimney fire can be devastating, and is completely preventable. Creosote, soot, birds, and other debris can all cause your flue to stop working correctly. It is imperative if you use your chimney, to have it cleaned and inspected at least once a year to ensure your safety. Even if you have a clean burning gas fireplace, you should have it inspected once in a while for cracks or leaks for your safety.


Window Cleaning
Get the most out of your view! Whether you look over the water, the city skyline, or the northwest forest, clean windows make all the difference. We use a secret formula that cleans even the most stuck-on grime, and they stay clean longer. We clean screens and wipe sills as part of our full service window cleaning. We also provide razor scraping if you have paint or other debris on your windows that won't clean with normal washing. 


Dryer Vents 
Clothes are taking a little longer to dry than usual and you don't suspect a broken dryer? Are you experiencing moisture in your dryer when someone in your condo building is using their dryer? We offer our services for inspections and clearing out dryer vents.


Payment Methods 
Please send payment to:
A and A Island Services
PMB# 274
17837 1st Ave. S
Normandy Park, WA 98148-1728

Payment is due at completion of the project. If you are not home for us to pick up payment, then we would be happy to bill you. Please specify how you would like to be billed. We can email or mail an invoice to you or send a PayPal request to an email address. 15 business days after the date of your invoice, a 20% late fee will be added to amount due. Outstanding balances will be charged an additional 1.5% per month until balance is paid in full.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or concerns.

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