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Roof, Gutter and Downspout Cleaning

We clean all roof types without harmful pressure washing! We clean your roof and gutters of debris. We will have your downspouts flowing to the ground level. We will also clean up the grounds after we are finished.

Moss Cleaning and Treatments 

We can kill the moss on almost any surface without using harmful heavy metals like Copper and Zinc. We will first broom off any large debris, then apply our treatment. The remaining moss will turn white. The roots of the moss will shrink in size over the next couple weeks and virtually disappear. Don't worry, what remains is dead and will not be enough debris to fill your gutters. We are very careful to not damage gardens or decks but please be aware that drips and over spray are possible although uncommon. We hose off your plants, furniture and decks with water to help make sure there will be no damage. We do ask that you either move delicate items inside or let us know to bring plastic to cover unmovable plants and or furniture, etc. Please let us know if you have a special furniture, art, plants or other valuable or personal items that we should be aware of before starting this treatment. We don't want to harm these things with our moss treatment.

Cleaning a Rain Gutter
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